Blogging about Archaeology & Heritage

Welcome to the ANTHROP 4AH3 – Archaeology & Heritage class blog. We’ll be using this space to discuss contemporary issues relating to ethics, politics and practice, in Canadian archaeology and beyond.

This course examines the interface between heritage and ethics, politics and social systems, and the ways that archaeology and its practitioners are deeply entangled in western value systems and epistemologies. Using history to contextualize contemporary practice, we will consider the ways that archaeologists engage with current issues, debates and controversies within the discipline and beyond.

In this vein, we are bravely taking our teaching and learning public to engage in broader discussion and introduce new perspectives into our course. We will use this as a platform to expand on discussions from class and introduce original research, and appreciate constructive, supportive comments!

** Disclaimer: The perspectives shared here represent those of a diverse group of students and do not necessarily reflect those of the university.

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